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Romantisme Industriel

Romantisme Industriel. f+f shortlisted for the transformation of the electrical substation on the site of the former steelfactory of Uckange, Haut-fourneau U4, into a restaurant. This project is part of the global transformation of this industrial site near Luxembourg and Metz into a park and recreation area.

The Old Stock Exchange in Strasbourg

F+F are short-listed for the refurbishment  the Old Stock Exchange, l’Ancienne Bourse,   in Strasbourg, with the creation of new office spaces for the Strasbourg Eurométropole.

© photo by Claude Truong-Ngoc / Wikimedia Commons

Mairie Paris VII

F+F selected for the partial refurbishment of the town Hall of the VII arrondissement in Paris. The project focuses on the design of a new space for events, concerts, meetings, with construction planned for this summer.

OPUS 67 Strasbourg

F+F  shortlisted to compete for  OPUS67, purveyor and landlord  for social housing, and the refurbishment of their offices in Strasbourg

Canardière sport complex

F+F shortlisted to compete for the  extension of the Canardière sports complex. Partially  refurbishment and extension, the extension is a hall specialised for gymnastics sports.

Votes are open for the ADC Awards!

We are shortlisted in two categories – culture and interior.
You can vote for us either through the main competition page
(-> Selection 2017 votez -> categorie interieur + category culture) :

Or directly on the project pages.
For the event space community center in Orgeval it is here:…/48091-f-f-architectes-maison-d…

And for the Attic apartment renovation it is here:…/48082-f-f-architectes-l-attic.…

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