Le festif
project name

Le festif

Cité des Loisirs in Courbevoie

  • Client:

    City of Courbevoie (92)

  • Location:

    Courbevoie, France

  • Date:

    competition 2011

  • Area:

    14 300 sqm

  • Cost:

    43 M€

With a strong visual identity, this multipurpose cultural, leisure and event space is to be a major venue outside Paris. The many concert rooms, theaters are spread out only interconnected through for a structural veil. The covered gap between these halls, and under this roof, the Agora, works as an extension of the surrounding public spaces with it’s own events, programmes and activities. Advanced visual projections on the veil and the walls completely reconfigures the identity of this space from day and night, and according to the events.
In collaboration with plan01

diagram des structures tendues